Rules for writers

On this page there are the rules that the authors have to follow in order to be published on Gamma function. At the bottom of page you can download the facsimile of the article in word.

The text: structure, parameters, indications.

Font: Times New Roman 14

Body: Justified

Line spacing: 1.0

Title, paragraphs: Bold

Author of the article: Normal and Italic

Followed by the Abstract and  the Keywords (5): .. , And then the text.

References (ie):                                      << … >> (Ferrari, 1994)

The notes should be numbered within the text in the form: (1), (2), (3), (..)

and given at the end of the text,






Gamma function: standards for the preparation of the bibliography.

1. 1 Bibliography paper

a)     Citing a book

Kohut, H. (1971). The Analysis of the Self. Turin: Boringhieri, 2001.

b)    Any reference to a book written by multiple authors

Neri, C. Correale, A., Fadda, P. (1994). Reading Bion. Rome: Borla

c)     To cite the reprint of a book already published

Favazza A. R. (1987). Bodies under Siege: Self-mutilation and body modification in culture and Psychiatry (2nd ed.). The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London.

d)    To cite the chapter of a book

Meotti, A. (1984). Notes on the alpha function, sensory pain, mental pain, thought. In C. Neri, A. Correale, P. Fadda, Reading Bion (pp.). Rome: Borla.

e)    To cite an article in a magazine published in volumes

Ehrensing, R. H., Weitzman, E. L. (1970). The Mother-Daughter Relationship in Anorexia Nervosa. Psychosomatic Medicine, 32 (2).

f)      To cite an article written by more than seven authors, present in a magazine published in volumes:

Caselli, D., Carraro, F., Castagnola, E., Ziino, O., Frenos, S., Milano, G. M.,. . . Aric, M. (2010). Morbidity of pandemic H1N1 influenza in children with cancer. Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 55, 226-228.

g)     To cite an article published in a newspaper

Di Ciaccia, A. (2001, May 25). Lacan, the words to let the unconscious speak. The great French psychoanalyst of the centenary looked at all ‘”es” as a language. L’Unità, p. 24.

h)    To cite a heading from an encyclopedia

Moore, C. (1991). Mass Spectrometry. In Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (4th ed.) (Vol 15, pp. 1071-1094). New York, NY: Wiley.

i)       To cite papers presented and discussed in conference and congress occasions.

Bolognini, S. (2008). “Ubique et sempre” – Equivalence and consubstantiality between past, present and the feared future, and future potential of the analytic experience. Conference Proceedings for the Center of Psychoanalysis Romano, Rome.


1.     2 Bibliography telematics:

a)     To cite the electronic version of a chapter from a published book

Freda F. H. (2001). Addiction, a new form of the symptom. In Psychoanalysis and addiction, pp.121-141. Available in

b)    To cite an article present in a magazine available on line

Whitlock, J., Eckenrode, J., Silverman, D. (2006) Self-injurious Behaviors in a College Population. Pediatrics-official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics 117, 1939-1948. Available in