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Juno, Claire, Camille: How cinema recounts the experience of pregnancy in adolescents

Abstract The paper proposes, through the analysis of three films, “Juno”, “Brodeuses” (The embroiderers) and “17 girls”, some reflections on the difficulties of the encounters of adolescents with their own generating capacity. The pregnancies arise from profoundly different contexts and … Continua a leggere

A ten moons journey: Women groups and birth support

Abstract Today women are more and more exposed to a stressed way of managing their pregnancy and to a cultural contest dominated by birth fear and by the expectations for the newborn health. These fears dominate many pregnant women’s brain … Continua a leggere

Post-partum depression: A clinical experience with a group of women

Abstract In this contribution the complexity of the clinical picture of post-partum depression will be brought to light, which connects to the deep psychological dynamics experienced by women during the gestation and birth of the child. Starting with some reflections … Continua a leggere

«Precious pregnancy»: The bodily and emotional perceptions of pregnant women through a qualitative study of their drawings

Abstract In this work a clinical experience using the drawings on the bodily and emotional perceptions during pregnancy is presented. These drawings have been produced by pregnant women attending the Preparation to Birth Courses in a Family Planning Service of … Continua a leggere