Articoli che contengono il tag: primal fantasies

Duplicity and illusion in families formed by international adoption

Summary “Duplicity and illusion in international adoption.” New family compositions created by international adoption grow hand in hand with globalization. Beyond the socio-economic or political implications, the author focuses on the psychological processes at work in these families. Duality of … Continua a leggere

The ordalic scene and the work of individuation/separation at adolescence

Abstract This research studies the impact of the ordeal scene (old eng: ordal judgement) as being a mode of symbolization, specifically primary symbolization. We questioned the function of going through the experience of flirting with danger and with death that … Continua a leggere

Frank or the original death

Abstract This article leans on the narrative of a teenager hospitalized after an accident caused by a full of risk behaviour. It shows how the accidents bound to risky behaviors during the adolescence are often unconscious actualization by the teenager … Continua a leggere