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Adolescence, adolescents and new family systems

Abstract This article explores the consequences of children’s adolescence on the family system. An introduction provides the theoretical framework of the phenomena described. On one side, the complexity theory and constructivist philosophy, and on the other, a psychoanalytic hypothesis reshaping … Continua a leggere

Balint groups: place and space of knowledge of the sickness as experienced in the operator-patient relationship

Abstract This article contains insights and considerations by the author on Balint groups, and especially on the therapeutic relationship between the operator and patient. In the group, the doctor uses himself as a “drug” and while the speaker speaks of a clinical case experience, relives this story in the hic et nunc . The group leader and therefore observe the countertransference of the speakerand therefore the group has three dimensions: the relationship with the patient, with … Continua a leggere