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Group, psychoanalysis and cinema. Notes about a formative group and cinema experience

Abstract In this essay we are willing to bring out some remarks on the usage of movies within experiential groups. As it is already widely acknowledged, there exists a strong relationship between cinema and psychoanalysis, especially between Freud’s theory of … Continue reading

“Istitution’s dream” in the groups of supervision

Abstract We would like to take advantage of this meeting on dreams and the group to propose reflections relating to a particular working context with which we have been dealing in the last few years. We are referring to the … Continue reading

Transformational potentials of the peer group

Abstract In this paper I would like to examine the transformational potentials that characterise the peer group, in groups of adolescents as well as in groups with members of other ages but in which adolescence is reactualized.

The advent of a dream in a group of children

Abstract This paper follows the perspective suggested by Francesco Corrao in his writings on groups (F. Corrao, 1998), taking up some of the elements present in clinical practice that help to describe the question of dreams in a small early-childhood … Continue reading

Dreams: are they personal or social?

Abstract The history and lineage of dreams is ancient, mysterious and revelatory. Dreams have been used for prophecy, fortune-telling, for access to the spirit world and for extending our vision beyond our diurnal limits. Ancient Greece sought healing through sleep … Continue reading

The poliphonic texture of intersubjectivity in the dream

Abstract My research on the Dream are based on the hypothesis that it is developed in the polyphonic texture of the interdiscourse. This assumption owes a lot to the work of M. Bakhtine and his followers. Bakhtine introduced the idea … Continue reading

Bion’s concept of time

Abstract The use of particular mental time by Bion allows to arrive to being in “0”, the psychic reality, which is the most possible “to – sensory”. Let us examine the proposed Bion of a “scientific psychoanalysis”, where the scientific … Continue reading

The Dream Narrative as an Interpersonal Event – Research Results

Abstract The author presents a specific type of narration: the dreamtelling as a request for containment and elaboration of specific mental contents. It is underlined how the possibility of communicating and sharing his/her own dreams represents a function learned in … Continue reading