The Unconscious and Narcissism in Subjects Who Have Ties


The author points out that psychoanalytic work in group discussions and requires special skills. Starting from the Freudian metapsychology and examining the theories of Bleger, he examines in particular the model of the double limit of Green, developed by Freud’s first topography, distinguishes between inside and outside, between the conscious and unconscious. Read more


Psycho-Dynamism of dramisation in groups


The author relates the dream to a production typical of the group, the dramatic representation and tries to show the similarities and differences between the two. The author takes into consideration the thought of Anzieu (1963), who pointed out the equivalence between the small group and the dream. A group would be, in a sense, a dream dreamed by various dreamy. If we give the dream a function beyond that of satisfaction of desires processing, its reflection can get even closer comparison of the dream with the actions of a small group of psychoanalysts. The author suggests that dreams, in a group, have one of the main functions in this formalization: its function is to provide models of work and thought the group, as well as matrices for identifying its components. Spaces in which to adapt, or with whom you can establish oppositions. The dreams performing among other functions, to mediate between the production of an individual and the group. Allow it to develop models of reflection and action that can go from one form to the next myth, relatively polysemous Read more