Why today women are the center of attention

“To talk about gender violence in relation to the widespread violence against women and children would mean putting light on the “sexed” dimension of this phenomenon in so much as […] the manifestation of a historically unequal relationship between men and women that has led men to bully and discriminate against women. ”
(United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women).

Putting women at the centre of the discussion, now, more than ever, is not a habit nor a boast nor a kindness: it is a necessity, a social emergency. It is in fact the actuality of the news that leads us to focus on the most abused genre in the history of mankind. It’s not my duty and maybe not even within my ability, to reconstruct which and in how many cultures and historical periods women have been subjected to violence, both physical and psychological, but for sure it’s today that the most important match is Read more