Therapeutic Crossroads: Adolescents, Families, Groups. Experiences in a Dedicated Service


The authors reflect on the cultural and macro-social transformations which are effecting adolescents and their families and the consequent youth difficulties and possible developments.
Different aspects of working in a Psychological Counselling Service with young people between eighteen and twenty-five and their families are illustrated; the therapeutic team’s aim is to offer on different levels and with different tools (individual, family and group therapies, Communities, therapeutic teams) a “colpo d’ala” (‘at one stroke’), in other words, an immediate opportunity for those in need of support to get back on their individual ‘road’ to recovery. Attention is focalized on the theme of clinical work utilizing a network of different proposals, made necessary to deal with the condition of today’s adolescents in difficulty, who above all have serious deficiencies in their capacity to develop and maintain real affective and social relationships, Read more