The group treatment of drug users with mediating object: the application of Photolangage

Interview with Claudine Vacheret
by Giorgia Morgese

Question. Professor Vacheret, what do you think about the treatment of drug users? What therapy is  more appropriate, a group therapy or an individual one?

Claudine Vacheret. It is clear with drug users that a group therapy is better as they tend to have big difficulties with mental thinking. They prefer to act rather than mental thinking. Since they cannot speak about their own feelings and affects then we have to organise a setting with a mediation to help them. In this way, they speak about Read more


The ambiguity of the risk. Reflections on data of a research empirical thematic


Through a contribution to the two books, “Le ali di Icaro” by Paola Carbone and “Il paradosso del giovane guidatore” to Anna Maria Giannini and Fabio Lucidi, it offers some ideas from examination of the results of empirical research conducted on the profile of young drivers at risk , which highlights the ambiguity of the concept of risk and its necessary Read more


Pregnancy in women with Type 1 Diabetes: Bio-psychological aspects


The article aims to present the bio-psychosocial aspects that are found in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes. In the context of diabetes, the event conception and throughout the pregnancy are to be identified as those phenomena which are closely interrelated and are biologically and psychologically. From this interdependence generates a total transformation and reorganization of ‘psychic identity and body as well as significant interpersonal relationships (parental figures, partners) to which are Read more