Transit from individual to group: network thinking in the foundation of a limited time group of therapy in a Public Service


The article intends to suggest a reflection about the process of the formation of a limited time group of therapy in a mental health care center located in Rome, Asl Roma 2. The aim is to focus on the delicate process of transition from individual  to group therapy in a Public Institution, which involves several implications.
We will try, in this regard, to point out its advantages and some critical issues related to the care service background. We will explore the functioning of the patients in group therapy and then among the staff.  We will consider the difficulties arising, and the opportunities the transition from individual Read more


The group in a Mental Health Ward on listening to the suffering of the Self


The authors of this paper emphasize the importance of group psychotherapy has in recent years in the Mental Health Centers. The individual psychotherapeutic work, was considered more profitable, while contact with the group was considered as a source of disturbance and threat to the individual. In time and ‘happened to the group process enhancement. The Read more