The Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association (APdeBA) has reached thirty five years in 2012.
In all these years APdeBA has been included in the psychoanalytic and cultural milleu in our community and has an important place in the national and international organizations to which it belongs.
One of the more important intelectual assets of APdeBA is its  atmosphere of pluralism, openness and freedom of thought in which the members develop their interests in different orientations, which allows for rich and fruitfull exchanges.
The openness and pluralism that characterizes APdeBA at present are in fact the product of a tendency that has been sustained in the course of the years and is at present a valuable feature of the institution in every occasion.
APdeBA has reached a very important and valuable position at national and international levels as a member of FEPAL (Federation of Latin American psychanalytic Associations) and IPA (International Psychoanalytic Association). Members of APdeBA have distinguished themselves in local, Latinamerican and Read more