The disease of a person and a group unaware of being it


Reflecting on a clinical history with a happy end, on an event which has, all of a sudden, unexpectedly, given back to much more than it had seemed we had been involved with, is without any doubt passionate; but I want at once to move out of any suspicion I want to do << wild psychosomatic>>. (Ferro 2006) how one could suppose from the Read more


Dreams and serious pathologies in the group: the Potential of the Dimension of Dreaming in the Group when Dreaming is not possible


“The group that there isn’t ” means is that from time to time with the participation of patients in that day, and also that the dismissal of someone or the entry of new patients constantly changes the composition of the group. Presence of a new group for each session, in addition to clearly delimit the ability of the individual and the group to operate significant changes introduced into the room a special quality of time: a time without history, which narrowed and simultaneously accelerated, often beyond Read more