From Jung to Bion: an infinite bridge


Jung’s thought has underground and profoundly influenced Bion’s work. Ostracized by the mainstream of the more traditional psychoanalytic discourse, the creativity of Jungian research has forcefully re-emerged in Bion’s thought in his revolution of psychoanalytic theory and technique. The Jungian transcendent function, the synergy of conscious and unconscious, has become in Bion’s “binocularity” of the mind: the search for synchronicity between conscious and unconscious processes. Jung’s collective unconscious has merged into the conception of a substantially groupal and intersubjective “protomental”. Jung’s emphasis on waking visions allowed Bion to consider how our mind dreams night and day, both in sleep Read more


Memoir of the future and memoir of the numinous


Starting from the comparison between Jung’s Red Book and Bion’s Memoir of the future thrilogy, the author suggests hypotesis that similarly to what happens for the individual personality – where the eruption of underground experiences confronts us with the emergency of parts of the mind that have not fully come into being or have been precociously miscarried, as they did not found any space within the mind of the object – there also seems to be models and theories that did not find enough space in  Freud’s mind and in the mind of the scientific community that he Read more