Editorial Groups for Adoptions

The term adoption refers to social events in which the law “creates” new family contexts and ratifies new affiliations according to the often greatly differing practices of diverse regions and time scales. All too often the background to an adoption is muddled and confused; even when there have not been any misadventures or drastic separations involved, still many puzzles remain to be solved (Cyrulnik, 2009). Each character in this adventure may give quite a different meaning to his or her experience.
In this issue our aim has been to allow these different perspectives to emerge, in order to develop new ideas and to outline new theoretical and clinical ways of critically examining the subject of adoption.
We have tried to take as broad and encompassing a view as possible, from different vantage points, in an attempt to present a group experience that we hope will give rise to creative dialogue between the different ways of regarding the subject. Read more