Golems as precursors of an Oedipal function in a group of children


By presenting three clinical vignettes of a children’s group psychotherapy, the author intends to point out how certain games are golems which lead the way to a group Oedipal function.
In the paper, the author makes extensive reference to Freud’s “The Uncanny”; as a matter of fact, the group, by using certain games and through playful dramatization shows levels of disorienting anxiety and psychical blindness which, if adequately contained, monitored and interpreted Read more


Repetition in time and microtransformations Ten years’ work with a group of anorexic and bulimic patients


I consider these years of working with anorexic and bulimic groups above all, have allowed me to be in contact with the repetitions among patients, and have also allowed me to re-examine many of the clinical and theoretical processes; depending on whether I have utilized them in an integral form or mixed them in an unconfused manner, have permitted me to get away from rigid chains enabling me to get closer to the enigmatic world of Read more