Presentation, Practicing mediations in therapeutic groups

The primary role of the image in the life of the mind is evident in an experience that we all have of ourselves, of our own selves.  It is one that is presented, to put it evocatively, like a kind of interior “film,” one that excites us, involves us, makes us rejoice and suffer and, through this, allows us to be living witnesses to the continuity of our existence. Psychoanalytic research, from its inception, has witnessed and investigated the role and importance of the image in the life of the mind, a “path” that began with Freud and has been trodden by many of his greatest followers, and one that still seems rich and fertile.  Perhaps it is because, among the countless other reasons, “images,” as Gribinski sustains, “have an acute intelligence of the world, of our separate relationship with the world,” and at the same time they have the magical power to render incomplete separations “happily imperfect.” Like a bridge that anchors us to the ground, images anchor us to the background Read more


A therapeutical community on its way towards dreaming


For about a year, that is since we have assumed the community project ‘therapeutic responsibility for the structure has been given to a psychiatrist (psychoanalytic psychotherapist) to which were joined a psychologist (group analyst and expert in institutional dynamics), a clinical psychologist doctor (psychoanalytic psychotherapist, expert group phenomena), a psychiatrist (psychotherapist with special training in psychodrama). The authors are two psychologists, one leads to an experiential group with members of the structure, the other part weekly group organization and planning. A brief description of some of the tracks the experiences of these two moments groupal. The authors from experience groupal, observe that in some places appear fantasies similar to those that occur during pregnancy: what seems to us to support the use of metaphor (the teacher who proposes the work on the garden perhaps testifies to a fantasy of care something that is growing, the mental group, the possibility of therapeutic work with patients, Read more