N.34 – Published in 2015 – edited by Francesco Comelli The author, now considered an artist and a master of photography, attended as a user psychiatric services, and attended until today a gradual but firm and steady improvement also thanks to the groups. He embodies a good job linking among a dramatic past, a difficult relation with the psychiatry and a good work of the group, that still continues inside the Association Basti-Menti (not translatable in English, the Italian double sense of bastimenti: Ships but, also, Enough-Minds)

Group Clinical Experiences in Psychiatric Institutional Settings

Multifamily Group Functions as a treatment for psychosis and as an organizational model of mental health services.

Family field therapy: from the dialogue between generations of therapists to that with contemporary patients. A clinical research project on therapy for individuals and their transgenerational family field

From broken restrictions to new and vital experiences in therapy: from perverse communication to the discovery and identification of the affected’s world

The Group – Bridge: The experience of a therapeutic group between institutional and social crisis, and group crisis in Greece

Border areas: the experience of a group of women migrants. From invisibility to the birth of a dream space