In pursuit of authenticity

Based on the particularity an emotive experience activates when we connect with other’s authentic expressions, the author reflects on how the search for authenticity resides in every one of us, and turns into a main element in the most serious patients’ experiences, constantly deprivated of the possibility to freely express their experiences and the most genuine aspects of themselves. Understanding that working among these aspects represents the primary core and an essential element of the transformational potential psychoanalytic multi-family groups have, the author propose an original articulation exercise between J.G. Badaracco y C. Bollas, particularly between the concepts of normogenic interdependence and transformational object. In this last conceptualization, the transformational object experience is for the infant, an alteration/metamorphose process of himself, which many times we find in the centre of the individual and collective search – in adult life – of potentially transformative object relations. These elements seems very close to the multi-family groups experience, in which uprising of normogenic interdependences allows repairing and transformational expression of authenticity. Through relating his personal experiences in multi-family groups, first as a training participant, then as a conductor, the author reflects on the way that uprising of authenticity represents a founding moment in the therapeutic process, and how through it transformational potential allows manifestation of hope, emotive result of the multi-family work.

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