Looking for “myself as a therapist”

The first coordinator of multifamily psychoanalyses groups was Jorge García Badaracco. Many people around the world are trying to continue his work, sometimes from quite different ideological and professional positions.
Quite often doubts arise about we are or are not doing a good job, and discrepancies appear. Then, in relation to the difficulty, the need per external references arises with the desire to be sure that we are doing a good job. On the other hand, Badaracco did not leave too many instructions written down. He did not want to leave clear concepts which would not simple to find in the articles. He spoke about tolerating uncertainty and having faith in “healthy virtuality”.
I believe that the understood that an insecure coordinator, capable of tolerating ambivalence, would be a better identifying model than another with very clear ideas. In addition, I believe that the search for references enables the process of development while you try to incorporate soon references.
This piece of work is a reflection on the process of development of the identity of a therapist and the difficulties to sustain this identity in front of others

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