Multiple transferences and multifamily psychoanalysis group

The aim of our presentation is to explore and  the aspects of Multifamily Psychoanalysis Groups (MFPG) that convey inner working-through and transformation. Such processes are considered just as they are usually  depicted by the psychoanalytic theory and practice. In the specific and peculiar frame of MFPG, the raise of an emotional atmosphere facilitating the expression of the emotional charge, i.e. of the transfert, is essential. Moreover, therapeutic alliance is the basic condition for the activation of an analytic work in the group. The MFPG is typically the context of multiple transferences. Hence, making the transfert emerging clearly in front of all participants and revealing its dynamic is crucial for spreading the ability to discover the transferal feature of any  relationship. This way one can travel through the path to a progressive understanding of projections and counterprojections, towards the activation of a process made up by becoming aware, focusing and discovering new resources.

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