N.47 – Published in 2020 – edited by Adelina Detcheva – Painted by Lucio Fontana “Concetto Spaziale, Le Chiese di Venezia” 1961

“When I took drugs I felt better.” Considerations on the body, from the abuse to the therapeutic community

The “Mente Ampliada” as a living body of the Multifamily Psychoanalysis Group

Fusional experiences and fantasies in the analytic group

“Support beyond the Distance”: the creation of a working group and its function of containment. New settings in psychological intervention in COVID-19 care contexts

A Primary Care Psychologist together with the Family Physician: the experience of the Health Psychology School of Rome

The mind-body relationship in the development of the sense of self: reflections starting from Daniel Stern’s thought

The body between metapsychology and mentalization. Lines of research in psychoanalysis, after Freud

From soma to psyche. The journey of the Sapiens

Beauty as a sichronous Object: between “Superior Object” (mind) and “Lower Object” (body). Primary aesthetics and sociability

Water is taught by thirst. Some reflections on the bodily self

The parental couple and the group of caregivers in the care given to the baby: hypochondriac mirrors

Group therapy with bodily mediation for obese teenagers. Therapeutic containment when loosing weight

Polyphony of body in psychoanalysis. The body in the psychoanalytic research. New pathologies and psychoanalytic clinic