Presentation, Mith, Dream and Group

In May, 1999 the first issue of Funzione Gamma went on-line. The theme was Dream and Group. Not long after, a second issue on that same theme came out. Three years have gone by and the ninth and current issue focuses on the theme which is Dream, Myth and Group, once again. In a few days time, there will be a further issue which deals with this theme. The scientific committee and the editorial staff believe that this theme is of fundamental importance not only for those who work in the group therapy field, but also for those who come from other disciplines which deal with the relationship between individual and group. A large number of dreams and myths contain the means of transport – such as boats, angels and rockets – which carry us through different states of consciousness, different periods of our lives and imaginary and real lands. Many rites are in themselves a journey. It is essential that a man and a woman go through the different levels of consciousness and experience multiple emotive and thought processes, otherwise they become ill and perish. Similarly, a group that is unable to keep different levels of the consciousness together becomes rigid and may produce horrible nightmares. I suggest that you view this issue as a vehicle that will transport you either alone or in a group….. “Ladies and Gentlemen, attention please, we’re about to set sail!”