Supervision and the Working group


This paper, based on the most modern theories regarding evaluation and treatment of acute psychiatric crises, proposes a reflection on the sense of supervision in the acute inpatient ward (SPDC). Moreover, the current issues concerning psychiatry and drug therapy, have prompted the need to examine the approach based on the principles of Recovery, the Dialogic Model of communication with patients and the developments made in the field of Multi-family Group Psychoanalysis. Thus, bearing in mind the acute inpatient ward  mandate, an attempt will be offered to refocus the function of “diagnosis and treatment” of all ward operators as a working group. We have pondered the question of how supervision can free itself from the idea of only one “expert” analyzing the patient and passing on the resulting information. Not only, we have also considered whether the supervisor’s role could catalyze and bring to light the capabilities of the working group in detecting the existential condition of Read more