Music and Psychoanalysis


Freud’s attitude towards music was very ambivalent. For him the risk was, with the music of losing rational control that he had set himself as purpose. After a critical reading of his work, psychoanalysts have examined the links between psychoanalysis and music, discovering that there is a specific modality of psychic inscription belonging to the pre-verbal period: music would be the representation of the affect. According to current data on intrauterine and postnatal life, we know that the mother’s vocal sounds, emitted and listened to, are accompanied by many effects, inscribed in the memory of the body. The changing and discontinuous feelings that weave the child’s psyc Read more


Beauty as a sichronous Object: between “Superior Object” (mind) and “Lower Object” (body). Primary aesthetics and sociability


We propose to indicate how the experience of Beauty in multiple circumstances is to be linked to the experience of primary aesthetics and its unco Read more