Trauma “not responded to” and the prelogical nature of the accident in adolescence


The prelogical nature of the accident in adolescence talks about mind’s crushing when the time of a second birth implies the return of that automatic and primitive anguish when faced with ineluctable biological propelling forces of the body. This anguish is what the adolescent is not able to historicize in the inevitableness and at the same time, in the way entirely fortuitous of the accident happening, because the repetition of the traumatic situation is vital for his survival. The absence of the Other’s answer to the traumatic experience of the birth, introduces the tragic dimension that lives the reoccurrence of self- harmful behaviours. The tragic dimension of trauma is related with shame, and it subjugates adolescent to repeat it unless or until, an Other can at last respond and not confirm that trauma as the only way he is awarded to exist.

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