The adult therapist in health services: between parents and public institution


We could affirm that in the Institution’s base, that has mental health as an aim, in a paradoxical way we can find a primitive psychic functioning, thus infantile. This infantile position seems to constitute the link between the three original objects: Institution, therapist, parents. The three objects are linked by a common affiliation and by a shared common area and are tied together by dynamic intense interrelationships, which are all characteristics of groups. We could them make the hypothesis of the constitution of a macro-group with a macro multi-personal field in which the unconscious fantasy consists in that primitive mentality that we can find in Bion’s basic assumptions. We have been able to see that in this multi-personal field there is an issue that settles and acts, transferring itself from an object to another. This issue represents itself in the infantile part carrier of proto-mental contents equipped with a high emotional potential, Read more