Separately or together? Homogeneous or heterogeneous groups in the context of countertransference. A commentary on the paper by Maciej Zbyszewski entitled “War Trauma Dialectic”

This article is a commentary on the paper by Maciej Zbyszewski concerning his work with soldiers who returning from war missions. My work with Holocaust survivors and consequences of working with homogeneous groups are discussed in the context of war trauma. In my opinion therapeutic group Read more


W. Bion, D. Meltzer. Social and Individual Thought in Psychoanalysis


The purpose of this work is to focus on the psychoanalytical concepts which, after Freud, Ferenczi and M. Klein, were developed by Bion and Meltzer, who are the ones who continued their work.
Bion (1961) is usually identified as an author who, due to his great creativity, has conceptualized institutional and group phenomena. In his book about group experience, he clearly and accurately stated mental phenomena, which exist in every human group. As it has been already mentioned, Bion has assigned an important role to leadership within group phenomena, which will give form to a group mentality, which states a parallelism with a politics level.
Meltzer, inspired in M. Klein, will take an interest in spaces as we will see (more deeply) a little bit later. However, he is beginning to support Read more