Couple dynamics and adoptive parent relationships


This paper aims to explore some of the aspects involved in the dynamics of the interaction between narcissism and object investment. We know that the oscillation between these two psychic configurations influences the subject and his relations: the dynamics of his couple and his role as a parent. We feel that within the emotional complexity of adoptive parenthood, primary importance must be given to the “adoption” of aspects of the self and of the relationship that have been split off and projected outside that self and relationship.
We describe some episodes from a couple psychotherapy treatment using the concept of the analytic field, with reference to developments suggested by post-Bionian models in individual psychoanalysis. We refer to the field that is created in a joint session where the different subjects come together, forming a continuous Read more


Transmission of violence: sharing and transforming pain in analytical work


This paper intends to discuss the issue of violence in the links with the help of three case histories. It will first illustrate a case of couple psychotherapy, then a case of group psychotherapy and lastly a clinical vignette concerning group psychotherapy directed to the staff of an institution. Group psychotherapy was performed with the Read more


One dream for two people: dreaming in the psychoanalytic couple psychotherapy


In this paper are presented the role and functions of dreams analyzed within the couple. Elements of applied clinical triggers a reflection towards the possibility of the dream on and helping to foster the communication process within Read more