The psychoanalyst and the yoga lesson

Summary This dissertation, centered on the Hatha yoga course, develops a reflection from three initial questions, stemming from the readings and practices of yoga, the experience of the carpet (hence its title). These are: the recurrent attack of the Ego, the absence of the group, and the absence of sexuality, in a reflection on the teaching of yoga. During this journey, the question of death was invited, it is addressed in the introduction. These questions have led to questions about the processes that allow us to move from the physical to the spiritual (such as sublimation), and the composition of the framework to ensure engagement in these processes (such as tempo). Read more


Accepting death anxiety and agliophobia and their emotional transformation in a Laboratory Group


A group of psychologists and psychotherapists involved in different health care services for people with severe, lethal or deeply disabling somatic illnesses discuss the difficulty of their job when tackling the pain of the limit, the loss, death and emotional resonance it evokes.
The identification with terminal or severely injured patients is a difficult process: it sometimes leads to a defensive distancing, in other Read more