«Precious pregnancy»: The bodily and emotional perceptions of pregnant women through a qualitative study of their drawings


In this work a clinical experience using the drawings on the bodily and emotional perceptions during pregnancy is presented. These drawings have been produced by pregnant women attending the Preparation to Birth Courses in a Family Planning Service of Rome. Starting from a screening of over 200 drawings collected during two years, a qualitative comparison has been made among the drawings of those pregnant women not having, to the anamnesis, previous problem pregnancy, and the drawings of those pregnant women whose pregnancy arrived after a series of difficulty (repeated abortions and/or fertility treatments). Our discussion focuses on the importance to gather some indicators of disease about the bodily and emotional perceptions during pregnancy, with the aim to plan specific clinical interventions supporting the transition to parenthood.

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The Narration of Folk Fairy-Tale within the Therapeutic Workshop


The individuation of some outstanding qualities of the popular story, the fairy tale, it is described, for its figuration, rhythm, repetition distance, lack of truthfulness as fit for the so called atelier-comte with groups of children in order to serve as a symbolical mediator of non verbal psychic elements, that the activities of narration, drawing, play will succeed in bringing back for a Read more