“When I took drugs I felt better.” Considerations on the body, from the abuse to the therapeutic community


The article explores the anatomy of the body dimension in drug addiction, it considers how body changes at the same pace as the transformations of relationships that the individual has with the substance of abuse and with the context.

The word anatomy, derived from the Greek ἀνατέμνω that means to cut, manages to represent the intent of the text: to dissect drug addiction in its becoming flesh.

This is an experience strongly oriented by bodily sensations than for theirs strength require – or rather impose – constant attention to the somatic aspects. This happens in the body that abuses, this happens in the abstinent body.
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A severe and addicted patients group


This article aims to described specificities of psycotherapy’s group leading, in a terapeutical community. Community’s characteristics and dynamics, patients peculiarity and severity significantly impact on group’s thought, emotions and trend. We decided to report sessions short extracts to better describe the group’s Read more