Extended groupality and relationship building How to deinstitutionalize institutions


This article presents the work carried out in a Therapeutic Community in a suburb of Rome. In particular, it describes significant group interventions such as: multi-family group psychoanalysis, the “hearing voices” group as well as interventions aimed at building a relationship with the neighborhood in question. In addition, it shows how a Community of this kind can not only provide therapy but can also be a means to help guide towards recovery. In fact, it acts on the grounds that people who suffer from mental health issues are not “carrying a disease” but rather that they have particular mental health conditions which necessitate support. An external support system as well as specialized and technical help in their daily lives. The combination of all these factors are at the basis of the Therapeutic Community Read more


Homogeneous female group from the view point of participant observation: critical reassesment of an experience


In this paper I will talk about participant observation in a homogeneous female group and of some considerations that were born from this experience. I shall try to retrace the theoretical arguments that justify the group as a therapeutic instrument, and then pass to the motivations that support my choice to realize an observation experience in a female homogeneous group and the choice of a woman to woman therapy with a particular reference to the group’s development and to the questions due to the guiding hypothesis of my entire work, that is: the masochism issue and the supposed female specificity. At last I will analyze my counter-tranferencial position in an episode taken from some of the group’s sessions, finally end with a series of critical reflections.

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Psyche and enviroment


The psyche, in the totality of conscious and unconscious processes, is revealed through the image, thought, and language, and within the group phenomena in relation with the environment. Within this framework are the concepts of protomental and psychoid, respectively, in Bion and Jung, as well as the implications of transference and countertransference, but also in Read more