An encounter with Mestre Didi

I’m persecuted, with its ups and downs, by the existence of God. Years have gone by and this could be my last position. I was a handsome boy, a little stupid, contemplative. My mother would take me to mass everyday. I would remain absorbed in the silence of the cathedral under the effect of that mystical drug which is incense. I would raise my gaze and see myself in the sky, together with my Madonna. This deistic folie a deux lasted for several years. Once adolescent I moved to the opposite side, in a radical and hot-tempered way, burning sacred images instead of incense and “eating” priests. This extremism didn’t last long, it couldn’t last, I’m a tranquil type; enough so to not keep hitting at the same nail. Throughout the years I declared myself agnostic.My agnosticism is today, with some oscillations, still in force. In the last ten years the chances of a possible God have increased. The discoveries in the field of genetics have brought about a frightening biological complexity. Everything starts in 1953, when Watson and Crick discover the DNA’s double helicoidal structure. Then, between 1961 and 1964, the genetic code is completely deciphered. The complexity and beauty of this quaternary code makes Rosetta Stone seem like a joke. The prodigious structure of haemoglobin, with its sequence of 574 intertwined amino acid molecules, Read more