Getting to know crohn’s disease together with a group. Group therapy experience in an institution


The therapist of the group allowing the development of cognitive course, must analyse the meaning of the elements (patients, gatroenterologist, gastroenterologist, psychotherapist, university-context) and recognise the structure elements of the new bond that is forming. This movement can be considered as a process of Self reorganization. The patient’s group can be recognized as an Alter-Ego Self object who, as Neri says, supplies a “continuous presence …  giving an essential share to the building of the feeling of a human being”, in the process of the strengthening of the Self necessary to support the disease’s experience. It is possible to say that in the leadership of groups with patients affected by organic pathology the leader’s flexibility, his ability to pick up the meaning of every element and that of using them again to reinforce the Self, activate and build the process of knowledge of the disease. Thus, the group’s members can learn to live together Read more