Family and institutional care groups: resonances and transmission


Drawing on a clinical situation that brings together a family affected by adolescence and two institutions, the author considers the interaction between families and institutions and, more precisely, the psychic material brought into play following the cooperation set going in networking. Analysis of the clinical case makes it possible to consider whatever acts across both institutions as the psychodramatic staging of the family scene on the verge of symbolisation. The ideological rifts, the experiences of encroachment, the limits on the work and competence of each professional will be strongly mobilised. These effects, conflictual or not, are unlikely to be acknowledged in their counter-transferential form because, as they harm each party’s professional narcissism, they very often give rise to ideological rigidification and the reification of the other’s positions. The author suggests using as a methodological a priori the consideration of interactions between institutions as working tools for the transmission of the Read more