Parents and therapists as co-authors of children’s mental health in the Gin-Gap groupal technique


For its members the family is a mixture of both health and illness and children are the carriers of this either at a manifest or at a latent level. In this paper we are going to resume one of the developments we had in the psychotherapeutic Gin-Gap method’s theory and technique. Method in which the children’s and the parents’ therapeutic and groupal work took place in parallel. We are going to report about our participation as staff experts and supervisors in a Clinic that takes care of the community which depends from the Autonomous University De Quertaro that is in the suburbs. Our work mainly used the Gin-Gap method with community’s children and Read more


The Individual, the Group and Nature


In this article, the author proposes to consider the complexity of the interconnections between individual, group and nature. Is there a link between mental representations of nature and psychological well-being. If the child is not, and ‘entity’ separate from the mother, the individual can not be seen isolated from its physical world. The relationship with nature and fundamental Read more