The body between metapsychology and mentalization. Lines of research in psychoanalysis, after Freud


The authors reconstruct the question of the body in Freudian writings, indicating its multiple theoretical and clinical aspects, and highlighting its conceptual complexity through the various phases of evolution of psychoanalytic discovery, from the origins, with hysteria, to the silent manifestations of the dead drive: extreme vertices of the Freudian research path which, on the body, has indicated articulated elements of reflection and without a univocal and concluded systematization. In the multiplicity of theoretical guidelines issued from Freudian cues, the conceptual prevalence of the “economic” Read more


From soma to psyche. The journey of the Sapiens

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Ferrari’s psychoanalytic hypothesis is based on the idea that the mind acquires the drive for its own evolution from the body. From this approach also derives the idea that disharmonious balances can be created between the components of the individual system, especially between the body dimension and the psychic dimension, which are in mutual relation, and sometimes also that a rediscovered balance of the body can help a path of recovery in states of mental suffering. The experience that Fausta Romano has been developing for some time, searching for practices that can accompany the path between analyst and analysand Read more


Therapeutic and analytical group field with anorexic patients


In this contribution there are two main questions related to clinical conceptualizations in the psychoanalytic field which can be adopted in the work with the anorexic patients. 1. The first concerns the question of whether anorexia can be described as an independent psychoneurosis, such as, in Freud’s classification of psychoneurosis, the obsessive syndrome. 2. The second question concerns the possibility of conceiving that when the patients are disturbed at the oral level, or more generally in Read more


Current ideas of Bionian thought on thought


In this paper the model of “Motivational Darwinism” is discussed. Starting from Bion’s concept of protothought, the author elaborates upon possible relationships between emotional and symbolic representations that arise from experience. The psychoanalytical interpretation is presented as a vitalising summary of emotion and Read more


Experience made concrete: the body-mind relationship and possible transformational processes in Group Therapy


This paper considers those particular pathologies in which the body is thought of as “a psychic object par excellence”, or rather, as the only psychic object that is the locus where the subject’s unity is recognized. I am referring to patients who are unable, for various reasons, to mentalize and transform perceptive and sensorial experience into emotional meaningfulness, and instead encapsulate it within corporeity. Emotions and affects are experienced as enemies that must be kept at a distance and the subject is held prisoner in a continuous, concrete sense of experiential immediateness. Being in a therapeutic group setting is what this kind of patient needs, since the group is an Read more