Photolanguage with mentally handicapped adolescents


During my work with mentally handicapped adolescents (mild and moderate) in a centre for special education, I quickly felt the need to offer a support to the clinical relationship. These adolescents suffering (for most of them) from both intellectual and language deficiencies,  had no ressources to invest in a relationship of a clinical type where language is the only medium. On the other hand, I noticed that the educational teams were very concerned by these adolescents, who were seen as unable to project themselves in the future, and as following their course day after day without investing themselves, and with more or less passivity. How to make them aware of the active role they could play in relation to their own future ? How to mobilise them around a professional project ? How to prepare them to leave the centre at the end of their course ? As a conclusion to this analysis, I decided to  create this “Photolanguage group”, as a psychic Read more