The direct observation of the newborn has been elaborated and proposed by Esther Bick, member of the British Psychoanalytic Society, in the aim to better understand the child’s development in his family environment.
The observation takes place at home once a week for one hour during the first two years of a child’s life. The method takes place in three stages, the first one is the observation, as attentive as possible, the second one is the writing of a report in which the observer tries to reconstruct Read more


From broken restrictions to new and vital experiences in therapy: from perverse communication to the discovery and identification of the affected’s world


This work of proposed family therapy started from the consideration that the model of individual psychoanalysis had not brought any of the family members to retrieve inside themselves and that in the field of group communication, there were no significant results.
A group reading with a literal sense of group was needed. Individuals unconsciously and anonymously represented conflicts and trans-generational family myths.
The basic assumption seemed to embody what Bion calls basic assumption of dependence.
The family was one person.
The stories of the father and the mother reintroduced same experiences.
The female was, in previous generations the guiding and sadist element who reigned. The mothers and grandmothers had raised sons and husbands.
The totally absent analyst, has functioned as a container, put themselves in a patient’sshoes and has developed and proposed a model of Read more