Bion’s work presented: A memoir of the future, some thoughts on its oblivion and dawn.


Trilogy “A Memory of the Future” includes a schematic but dense summary of the theoretical contributions of Bion made to the development of psychoanalysis as well as Meg said Williams, a contribution for all of humanity. In the trilogy, in an original way, in a scene alive and fresh in a long day are dealt with themes that encapsulate several centuries of trial and assumptions, to learn psychic reality, as Freud called it. This almost original is a blend of attempts to Socrates, Diderot, Shakespeare, Goethe, the romantic European and Freud to focus on psychic reality. In the three volumes are dialogues, analogies, metaphors, parables, and citations that contain a great deal of thought of our civilization. Are the foundations, which can be regarded as invariants of humanity. These invariances in an approximate way and imperfect, are called bestiality, sublimity, death, life, absence of mind, maternity femininity, masculinity, fatherhood, the two aspects of mental functioning, the paranoid-schizoid and depressive instincts, events instincts as Oedipus. And yet compassion, remoteness and lack of sensitivity to the suffering and pain of others, cynicism, love of truth and consideration for the natural life, for what it is. Read more