Biopsychosocial approach to pain


The Author deals with the issue of subjective pain and correlates it with several factors, investigated by the biopsychosocial model according to various perspectives that interact with each other. Read more


Communication in surgical theatre An innovation at “Agostino Gemelli”


A new experience since 2004, sees these trainees in the surgical area of the Psychologists’ University Hospital Agostino Gemelli in Rome, called in  Surgical Theatre. The service, made the start on the initiative of Pietro Bria, Analyst S.P.I. and  Primary  Institute of Psychiatry, as a journey with very few methodological details, but rich in ideas, images and personal experiences. Soon, “learning experience” has begun to define a ‘”transitional area” between the inside and outside, between the body and mind, between the word and look. A corridor, metaphorical and mental, that Psychologists involved in service have learned to walk smoothly by bringing together patients, relatives, health care. Their function is to carry the emotion, form and content, resulting in a
context, so highly technical and specialized, with a space of dignity and the recognition of their co-primacy. Well known in the literature specifically related anxiety of waiting for a surgery. Anxiety often more acute and disturbing in relative rather than the person concerned. In the latter, however, the presence of an acute anxiety state, and untreated, can be dysfunctional to the same effect of anesthesia and Read more