The parental couple and the group of caregivers in the care given to the baby: hypochondriac mirrors


The parental couple, the group of perinatal and early childhood caregivers, are subject, in the care given to the baby, to ordinary hypochondria. Taking care of a baby, a subject who does not yet speak verbally, requires work on interpreting his various signs, especially bodily ones. If the primary parental preoccupation, the primary caring preoccupation are in play, our regular clinical work in nursery, led us to propose a primary hypochondriac parental preoccupation, and a primary hypochondriac caring preoccupation. In this sense, the members of a group of caregivers offer a real welcome and treatment of the hypochondriac preoccupations of parents. Read more


Parents and therapists as co-authors of children’s mental health in the Gin-Gap groupal technique


For its members the family is a mixture of both health and illness and children are the carriers of this either at a manifest or at a latent level. In this paper we are going to resume one of the developments we had in the psychotherapeutic Gin-Gap method’s theory and technique. Method in which the children’s and the parents’ therapeutic and groupal work took place in parallel. We are going to report about our participation as staff experts and supervisors in a Clinic that takes care of the community which depends from the Autonomous University De Quertaro that is in the suburbs. Our work mainly used the Gin-Gap method with community’s children and Read more


The adult therapist in health services: between parents and public institution


We could affirm that in the Institution’s base, that has mental health as an aim, in a paradoxical way we can find a primitive psychic functioning, thus infantile. This infantile position seems to constitute the link between the three original objects: Institution, therapist, parents. The three objects are linked by a common affiliation and by a shared common area and are tied together by dynamic intense interrelationships, which are all characteristics of groups. We could them make the hypothesis of the constitution of a macro-group with a macro multi-personal field in which the unconscious fantasy consists in that primitive mentality that we can find in Bion’s basic assumptions. We have been able to see that in this multi-personal field there is an issue that settles and acts, transferring itself from an object to another. This issue represents itself in the infantile part carrier of proto-mental contents equipped with a high emotional potential, Read more