Pierre Fatumbi Verger recalled

A few days ago a person asked me in a serious manner if Pierre Verger really existed or if was another Bahian invention. Who knows, maybe it was an effort to explain the syncretism of our culture no longer through divinities but instead through a human being.

Pierre Verger was born in France, he came from an aristocratic family, he was a citizen of the world, a photographer of world frontiers, from Peking to Havana, a young adventurer amidst the pathway of knowledge and emotions. He was also a doctor in science at the Centre de Recherches Scientifiques in France, alongside the wise Roger Bastide.

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Verger & Gil: The Last Encounter

Recorded by “Conspiração Filmes” in Salvador, February 9th, 1996.Full transcription, divided in five parts.

Part 1

G – So master, how are you? And here, how is the house?

V- So-so

G- Was the whole Foundation sent here?

V- I don’t know, there are books down there. I’ve got lots of things recorded, but I don’t have the equipment to listen to the things..(laughing)

G- Your recordings of Africa?

V- They’re things I did in Africa.

G- When you were in Ibadan?

V- Yes. I stayed there for about 15 years.

G- Did you stay at the university when you Read more