The psychoanalyst and the yoga lesson

Summary This dissertation, centered on the Hatha yoga course, develops a reflection from three initial questions, stemming from the readings and practices of yoga, the experience of the carpet (hence its title). These are: the recurrent attack of the Ego, the absence of the group, and the absence of sexuality, in a reflection on the teaching of yoga. During this journey, the question of death was invited, it is addressed in the introduction. These questions have led to questions about the processes that allow us to move from the physical to the spiritual (such as sublimation), and the composition of the framework to ensure engagement in these processes (such as tempo). Read more


Self-generation as a structuring defense that testifies to the importance of groupal illusion in adolescence


The author, comparing groups of children and groups of adolescents with the same device, shows that the Oedipus complex does not have the same organizer function.
In adolescents, the primal scene, linked to its passivity, integrates them into an unbearable infantile sexual scene, and by passing through self-generation and gender complementarity, they can finally represent homo-generational sexuality. Read more


Presentation, “Sensoriality, corporeity, and sexuality in the group”

All the articles in this issue are linked by the common vision of an holistic relationship between psyche and soma. According to this shared idea, as Corbella pointed out in her contribution, sensoriality is “defined both as an intrinsic quality of living things and as a subjective sensory experience. It is connected to both the mind and the body, providing the very foundations of our sexuality, our experience of pleasure and pain and therefore of our being-in-the-world”. The issue begins with Friedman’s contribution about the dream in the group, which is considered as a point of integration between psyche and soma, where the human being is present in his or her completeness. This issue points out that, when dreams originate from constructive preconscious aspects, they lead to new perspectives and also to new synaptic paths. In particular, in its harmonious and detailed work Notes on sensoriality, corporeity and sexuality in the group, Paola Russo Read more