Generations of analysts, generations of patients: non-symbolizable destructiveness in contemporary patients


This article focuses on contemporary psychological problems, given the frequent difficulties in analytic work with patients and the relevance of contemporary analytical treatments. The author gives a particular attention to destructiveness and provides a working hypothesis with patients that present a deficit in symbolization. It seems important to develop areas of psychic work not only bounded in the relationship between two subjects, but that are also widespread in the mental state of a generation or more generations. It seems also important to identify a group/state of mind that exists between different longitudinal degrees of kinship. In addition, this work takes place in an area that, I imagine, exists before, or around, the psychoanalytic treatment, even if it involves analytical thought, without which it would have no meaning. These themes are treated from the perspective of destructiveness, of desubjectification, and the difficulty of symbolization, as conditions that Read more