The Dream of Prometheus


The hypothesis that prompted the following article arose from aconsideration of dreams as important supports for analytical transformation. Beginning with Bionian concepts, the author demonstrates, using as a clinical example a group of patients with severe mental health disorders being treated in Read more


Bion’s Journey Between Bodies to Minds


Bion developed many theories in his life, moving from one to another across a number of causurae.  Beginning with a psychological ideas arising during his medical training as a Doctor, and the influence of the surgeon Wilfred Trotter.  Then later influenced by the social approach of John Rickman to the psychology of groups, and subsequently his psychoanalytic training with Melanie Klein, when he reviewed his psychosocial ideas in terms of psychoanalytic concepts.  And finally his concern with how psychoanalysts communicate their Read more


The adult and transformations in the group with children: from chaos to the game


The paper discusses the specific elements of clinical work with children in groups: some of these elements are meeting with the chaos, with the primitive emotions and the bodily involvement. Go through and deal with the analytical model these elements is the genesis of any possibility of designing a game that can be shared in the group game. The presence of the adult and his role as the guide, when you work inside the game requires the ability to regress and to immerse themselves in no way to begin to translate thoughts into the language of bodies in motion, noise and excitement, which draw just the beginning narrative fragments. When the conductor resist stopping in K -, can then re-emerge with a building sense that it allows the structuring of a story that the group shares. This path analytic model applied to Read more


Truth as a therapeutic factor


Truth – according to Bion – has a performative character; it can bring about transformations. Analysis is a “veridical process” that helps the patient become himself. In order for this transformation to positively occur, the search for truth must be tempered and guided by empathy. The therapist takes part in the veridical Read more


Preliminary reflections on psychoanalysis and narratology


The author highlights analogies and differences between psychoanalysis and narratology. Particular attention is given to the various ways of understanding interpretation and the concept of character. The complexity of the Read more