The newborn observation according to the E. Bick’s method


What we propose in this text is to present the framework and the content of the newborn observation according to the E. Bick’s method and its therapeutic applications, through the prism of my personal experience both as a trainer and as a child psychiatrist, responsible for a public service in what was sought, in organizing the devices of care, inspired by this method.
Bick explored the origins of psychic life by enriching the psychoanalysis’ interest in children and what they represent: the infant, the original. In this regard we will briefly mention E. Bick’s contributions in the search for the first fruits of psychic life and the study of early interactions.
We will later explicate her formative purpose through the description of the observation methodology thanks to its three different moments: the time of observation, of remembrance and editing and the supervision time.
Finally, we will mention preventive and therapeutic applications mainly in the institutional field.


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