With the Argo Association, the editorial staff of Group: Homogeneities and Differences, we would particularly like to thank Giancarlo Di Luzio for the initial inspiration on the historical theme of the edition and the dialogue/interview method with the Authors. We would like to thank Honorary Members Claudio Neri and Bob Hinshelwood for their constant presence and contributions, and all members for their commitment, particularly Adelina Detcheva, for her competent willingness to support the work of this eighth historical issue. Heartfelt thanks go to all the Authors, who have shown extraordinary generosity. To the editorial staff of Funzione Gamma, for their hospitality and creative collaboration, to editor Riccardo Williams and Web Master Walter Iacobelli for the order and sense given to the editorial work, to Claudio Neri for his constant inspiration and support. We would like to thank the many readers who provide continuity and vitality to these two journals interested in research on the group, on bonding, on the social and relational processes of the mind, on the resources of the body and mind, individual, inter-individual and social, and on their transitions.


Stefania Marinelli and Silvia Corbella