With the ‘historical’ edition on groups and group psychoanalysis, edited by the research association on homogeneous groups, ARGO, we would like to prospect the recapitulation of the many faces that the theme presents and its different levels – in order to be able to link the notion of the present, social and individual, to that of the past that has contributed to producing it. The hope is to succeed in presenting the reader with an evolutionary and future-oriented temporal dimension, as a product of attention to the present. This is not a play on terms, but the feeling that linking individual time to social time can help identity harmony in such an important transitional period as the present.
Moreover, Argo has its roots in the experience of the research group linked to the journal Funzione Gamma and the professorial activities of Prof Claudio Neri at La Sapienza in Rome. There, the first questions about ‘homogeneous function’ in the group and the first distinctions between homogeneous states of mind and distinct, differentiated states were born.
With sincere enthusiasm, Argo’s journal: Group Homogeneity and Differences is publishing jointly with Funzione Gamma, which is hosting it simultaneously, its eighth edition (coming soon, on, to honour a creative filial bond, and to valorise the polycultural and polysemantic experience of the working group.


Usually the annual editions of Argo’s journal Group: Homogeneity and Differences and the quarterly editions of the journal Funzione Gamma of the Sapienza University of Rome, which on the occasion of this ‘historical’ edition have collaborated on a common issue, publish research on general and current group issues and problems. The main inspiration of the editions is, in short, to strengthen the group bond by sharing the thought that represents it and to keep research alive. In this issue, which has been demanding and is voluminous, it is rather History that imposes its framework and gives a perspective to the elaboration. The word itself, History, is imposing. The great Greek historian Thucydides called it Read more


With the Argo Association, the editorial staff of Group: Homogeneities and Differences, we would particularly like to thank Giancarlo Di Luzio for the initial inspiration on the historical theme of the edition and the dialogue/interview method with the Authors. We would like to thank Honorary Members Claudio Neri and Bob Hinshelwood for their constant presence and contributions, and all members for their commitment, particularly Adelina Detcheva, for her competent willingness to support the work of this eighth historical issue. Heartfelt thanks go to all the Authors, who have shown extraordinary generosity. To the editorial staff of Funzione Gamma, for their hospitality and creative collaboration, to editor Riccardo Williams and Web Master Walter Iacobelli for the order and sense given to the editorial work, to Claudio Neri for his constant inspiration and support. We would like to thank the many readers who provide continuity and vitality to these two journals interested in research on the group, on bonding, on the social and relational processes of the mind, on the resources of the body and mind, individual, inter-individual and social, and on their transitions.


Stefania Marinelli and Silvia Corbella

Historical period 1970-2020, 50 years of the group as instrument in psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis

Interview with Bob Hinshelwood
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The history of group psychoanalysis in France and the methodological problem of the ‘setting’

Interview with Denis Mellier
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