“The Narcissistic Wound in Diabetes” Reflections on a Group Psychotherapy with a Psychoanalytical Approach with Children Suffering from Diabetes


The objective of this work group, played with children aged between eight and twelve years with diabetes, and ‘was one part to bring patients to the acceptance of the disease, and the other to help them break free attitude overprotective parents. In this sense, the psychoanalytic therapy helps to come out of isolation and to rebuild a balance between mind Read more

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A treatening dream in a homogeneous group of patients expecting kidney transplants


This is an account of a Brief Analytic Group Psychotherapy experience with patients with chronic renal damage who were being dialyzed while waiting to receive kidney transplants. This practice was carried out in 1997, in the Psychiatric Liaison Unit of the Psychiatry Division of Hospital El Salvador, in Santiago, Chile. The authors had the chance to observe, on the one hand, the transplanting team’s and hospital patients’ demands for psychological help and, on the other hand, the difficulties said Center’s psychotherapeutic team encountered in serving such demands. In this context, and being aware of the effectiveness of the group psychoanalytic approach, the writers Read more